A site-specific AudioDate for one spectator and forrest.

The forest is many things in Germany: a nostalgic place and a counter-narrative to urban life, a financial resource, a patriotically charged symbol, a place for leisure and recreation, an essential ecosystem. What would it be like to have a date with this forest? Just you and the forest, in the middle of the city. Maybe it will be romantic, maybe you’ll just have a good time, maybe you’ll realise that it’s not really a good fit after all. In “Dating a Forest”, performance duo Pinsker+Bernhardt invite you to make new connections with the forest and to merge with each other. And – as in any good encounter – to dispel misconceptions. How can you meet the forest in such a way that you take it seriously as a partner? Whether the date ultimately turns into something more is up to you.

Duration: 60 min.

Registration via PINSKER+BERNHARDT