Lukas und


FREISCHWIMMER … die keineswegs letzten Piraten

Mousonturm Saal


“We sincerely promise that a ship will come: each his own sloop. The ship is a place of hope and of new beginnings. It is a scene of combat, a trade area and a dream of cruising. On it, we leave the mainland of fact in favour of the sea of possibilities and search for our luck in the distance, which reaches beyond the horizon, behind our eyelids. Laughing at the crown, we sail under the flag of the indomitable, ready to conquer the storms, to loot, to booze and to fill our stocks with gold and stories. And when heads fall, we’ll say: oops.” Lukas und
The theatre collective of the dog Lukas first met while studying Applied Theatre Studies together in Giessen. They are interested in the technical conditions of theatre and the aesthetic possibilities produced by a practical handling of theatrical production means – illusionary stage magic included!

Von und mit Alice Ferl, Bernhard Greif, Stine Hertel, Katharina Runte, Ina Vera, Johanna Seitz, Lukas. * Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Gießen, the Hessian Theatre Academy and the van Meeteren Foundation.