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Mobile Albania


Die Kollektion

Mousonturm Studio 2


Postponed until summer 2022.

Who doesn’t have them, the out-of-business blazers and shirts, the trousers, jackets and skirts that lie unworn in the corona cellar thanks to never-ending home office or endlessly closed clubs? Every one of them a case for the sinister shredder to which the clothing industry is currently sacrificing thousands of tonnes of new goods? The masters of subversive anti-routines – the Mobile Albania collective – are opening up their alteration tailor shop once again. Here they will combine and transform the discarded pieces into idiosyncratic prêt-à-porter. And while the sewing machines hum, THE COLLECTION is immediately tried on by the audience and sent outside onto the catwalk in front of Mousonturm for final appraisal: still suitable for the fast-paced daily grind or already yesterday’s fashion? Perfectly self-expresion or overproduction and ripe for a final swan song before export or shredding?