(c) Jörg Baumann

Flags and banners are integral parts of our lives. They indicate affiliation with a football club in stadiums or represent a nation during a political event. They are skilfully twirled through the air and are used at sea and by the military to communicate signals and messages. And even though people can now communicate across great distances almost in real time thanks to satellites and broadband networks, flags retain their importance for transporting messages. In her new piece, Frankfurt choreographer Paula Rosolen therefore focuses on this much-ignored means of communication. She superimposes various semiotic systems of using flags to create a semiotic language of her own, which is meant to transmit messages between her ensemble of dancers and the audience. The theatre becomes an experimental ground on which fundamental principles of communication – including misunderstandings and misdirected information – can be playfully experienced which validity even in the age of binary code.

No language skills required
Duration: ca. 75 min.
2.3. Artist Talk afterwards
3.3., 7 p.m. Warm Up for the audience