(c) Johanna Knoblauch, (c) Leo Zwiebel

Kapa Tult


Es schmeckt nicht-Tour 2023

Lokal im Mousonturm unbestuhlt


According to label heads Johanna and Johanna, Kapa Tult are quasi “Die Ärzte”, as they have a singing songwriter on guitar, a stand-up drummer and a grinning bass player. But they also have a keyboard player! So they outnumber the Ärzte, at least in terms of numbers. And while the Ärzte have both a socially respected profession and a musical style, Kapa Tult have something more akin to a popsicle, and a cactus popsicle at that. With an eclectic mix of genres, something prickling on the tongue and a clear focus, the four of them settle the score with all that is evil – the school system, the climate crisis, beauty ideals and the mother who is waiting for you to finally have a serious love affair. This makes them currently the funniest band in German pop music. Their debut album “Es schmeckt nicht” (“It doesn’t taste good”) was released in June 2023 by Ladies&Ladys, and there are a lot of things they don’t like: conservative ideas about relationships, for example, and putting off psychotherapy. Kapa Tult talk about the really big issues, but also about trams and the fact that you shouldn’t only use oral contraception on Mario Barth, but also in your own love life.

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