Vincent Riebeek


Kein Applaus für Scheiße – Spirit – Wellness

Mousonturm Saal


In a masterful, choreographic frenzy, the artist duo Vincent Riebeek and Florentina Holzinger reveal rarely realised connections between obscenity, beauty, provocation, affection, disgust and intimacy. Vienna-born Holzinger and Dutch choreographer Vincent Riebeek first began collaborating while still students at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Their graduation piece, entitled Kein Applaus für Scheiße ( No Applaus for Shit), quickly them the reputation of most provocative new choreographers in Europe. With Spirit (2012) and Wellness (2013), their oeuvre grew into a radical, unprecedented trilogy, which can now be seen for the first time at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm on three consecutive evenings.

“Our common work is founded on a sense of community and friendship, to trigger each other in changing the way to deal with life and reality as much as it comes to changing the way to deal with art and performance. To be triggered, to be activated, to be alive, to be happy, to be free. To always fight injustice, always work hard, never give up.” (Holzinger/Riebeek)

Kein Applaus für Scheiße

Kein Applaus für Scheiße is a massive flirt with the limitations of what is possible on stage. For this, Holzinger and Riebeek invoke the ghosts of 1970’s body and performance art. With unconditional devotion, they apply themselves to almost every aspect of the cliché-laden canon of body art to personally update and radicalise it with the best of what dance, song and acrobatics has to offer. In the process, the two performers never lose sight of themselves nor the title of their piece as an (almost) literally meant mission.

Concept, Performance: Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek * Production: kc nOna, Mechelen in collaboration with SNDO, School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam.


For Spirit, their first international co-production, the seductive duo ransacked Eastern philosophy, pop culture, tarot, psychomagic and the Cirque du Soleil to brew a golden cordial out of their conquests and flood the stage with it. Driven by profound conviction, Holzinger and Riebeek create a spectacular ode to faith – in theatre, in each other, in their own performance and in their audience.

By and with Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek * Outside Eye: Rodrigo Sobarzo De Larraechea & Renée Copraij * Co-produced by imagetanz/brut Vienna, Beursschouwburg Brussels, CAMPO, FFT Düsseldorf, Frascati Amsterdam, Workspace Brussels * Supported by Kc nOna Mechelen and the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.


“The only art that is worth making, is an art that heals”. For the brilliant finale of their trilogy Holzinger and Riebeek have organised expert reinforcements: five Wellness guerilleros approach their audience challenging the healing effects of art and dance. Once again, a collective, shame-free extreme expansion of space, time and bodies is require to frighten off esoteric-schmaltzy misconceptions of the ideal body or holistic wellbeing.

By Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek * With Renée Copraij, Florentina Holzinger, Vincent Riebeek * Production: CAMPO * Co-production: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, FFT Düsseldorf, ICK (Amsterdam), Spring Festival (Utrecht), Theater im Pumpenhaus (Münster), Gessnerallee (Zurich), SPIELART Festival (Munich).

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