In the 90’s, one-of-a-kind singer and stepdaughter of free jazz pioneer Don Cherry made pop history with hits such as Buffalo Stance, Manchild or 7 Seconds, her duet with Senegalese pop star Youssou N’Dour. Her music transcended boundaries and combined world music with jazz, trip hop and soul. For her 50th birthday, Neneh Cherry has given herself the gift of her fourth solo album Blank Project: driving beats that evoke images of tribal dances alternate with sparingly used synthesizer lines, over which Neneh Cherry’s clear voice lightly and yet commandingly dances. Her songs speak of the ups and downs of life and confront us with our own aging. Rarely have we heard Neneh Cherry so raw and exposed, but also relaxed and in her openness and laconism wonderfully contemporary.

with: Neneh Cherry – Gesang * Ben Page – Schlagzeug * Tom Page – Keyboards.