The political and performance collective Schwabinggrad Ballett began collaborating with the Arrivati group in spring 2014. The group is a coalition of refugees and people of colour in Hamburg. At rallies and various interventions, they developed experimental dance music together, played on instruments that can be hauled onto the streets: crappy drum parts, analogue synthesizers, melodica, carillon, congas or böhmat, a 1960’s organ machine of Brechtian format. Their album Beyond Welcome! combines jazz, post-punk and electronic afro-kraut music, with lyrics about border regimes, about Germans and Non-Germans, about coming together past a welcoming culture, about persevering without papers, about social dances, the Nato, Yoruba gods, eurocentrism and the impossibility of conceiving an alternative world, let alone enforcing one.
Schwabinggrad Ballett and Arrivati are: Dieudonné Eboth, Jeano Elong, Ted Gaier, Charalambos Ganotis, Sylvie Kretzschmar, Latoya Manly-Spain, Heiko Marn, Heike Nöth, Peter Ott, Liz Rech, Christine Schulz, Oumar Traore, Margarita Tsomou, Christoph Twickel, Asuquo Udo and a bunch of people, who participated over the last years in interventions, performances and concerts.