Josef Nadj/Akosh S.


Les Corbeaux

Mousonturm Saal

Performance/International Summer Lab

In a duet that combines movement, music and a barrel of jet black paint, choreographer Josef Nadj and saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Akosh Szelevényi conjure up the spirit and the presence of ravens – les corbeaux. The piece is born out of the observation of these mythologically charged birds, especially the moments in which the birds alight on earth and fulfil the transition from majestic rulers of the skies to earth-bound creatures. The dialogue between music and movement has a third partner, the visual arts, in form of a canvas and black paint. The gesture of dance becomes pictorial and Nadj’s body turns into a brush, a bird and blackness itself in an extraordinary process of transformation.

Choreography: Josef Nadj * Musical composition: Akosh Szelevényi * Lighting design: Rémi Nicolas * assisted by: Christian Scheltens * Sets and props: Clément Dirat, Julien Fleureau and Alexandre De Monte * Sound: Jean-Philippe Dupont * Technical and lighting manager: Christian Scheltens * Sound: Jean-Philippe Dupont * Stage: Sylvain Blocquaux * Production: Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans * Co-production: Théâtre Forum Meyrin (Switzerland)