Ana Vujanović & Saša Asentić


On Trial Together (Episode Offenbach)

Alte Schlosserei, EVO Offenbach


In their extraordinary performance, performance maker Saša Asentić and theorist and dramaturge Ana Vujanović strike at the heart of current social and political debates. Where does democracy take place? Which concrete spaces do we have for political action? On Trial Together is a hybrid between choreography, social game and happening that raises the questions of what is the theatre and what is choreography.
After episodes in Belgrade, Novi Sad, New York and Athens, Vujanović and Asentić now invite us to submerge ourselves in various scenarios into fictive events in and around Offenbach that are inspired by reality or the possibility thereof – a general strike, a camp for immigrants from the future, the European Central Bank going bankrupt or other similar plots. How will people react, once no one represents them on stage? The audience is part of the performance and through its movements and actions shapes a social choreography in which a shared future is negotiated simultaneously on both a fictive and very real level.

Concept: Ana Vujanović, Saša Asentić * Text suggestions: Ana Vujanović * Choreographical suggestions: Saša Asentić in collaboration with Ana Vujanović, Christine De Smedt, Olivera Kovačević-Crnjanski * Performance: Audience and moderation team * Moderation: Ana Vujanović, Boris Radujko, Prodromos Tsinikoris, Saša Asentić, Siegmar Zacharias, Alexandre Achour * Stage: Nataša Murge Savić, Siniša Ilić * LARP development: Boris Radujko * The performance version 2015 was coproduced by Mladinsko Theatre, the performance version 2014 by New York Live Arts, Onassis Cultural Centre, BIFET Festival, Serbian National Theatre, the performance version and research 2012 by Per Art and TkH [Walking Theory] platform as well as Serbian National Theatre and Tanz im August. Supported by research residencies by Schloss Solitude, New York Live Arts – The Suitcase Fund and In-Presentable Festival. Episode Offenbach is coproduced by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in the frame of Dance Platform Germany 2016.

In German and English