Ivo Dimchev



Mousonturm Saal

Gesten/Performance/Musical Theatre

Those who have experienced the singular artist Ivo Dimchev on stage before know the provoking intensity that he expects his audience, but above all himself and his own body, to endure.  Both in his internationally acclaimed performances and in his concerts, his utterly unrestrained, dazzling fragile falsetto permeates everything and everyone. Now, Ivo Dimchev has dedicated an entire piece – Operville, an improvised opera – to the potent power of the voice. Together with the two young singers Plamena Girginova and Nikolay Voynov and musician Stefan Hristov, he delves deeply and without restraint into an arsenal of operatic materials, traditional poses, gestures and temperaments, to blend voice and the singing body into a perfect “borderline event”.

In English * Text, Vocal Score and Choreography: Ivo Dimchev
 * Performance and Improvisation: Plamena Girginova, Nickolay Voynov, Ivo Dimchev * Music: Frédéric Chopin, Stephan Hristov among others * Coproduction: Kaiitheater Brussels, MOZEI Sofia, Humanarts Foundation

an experimental improvisational opera