Ivo Dimchev


P project

Mousonturm Saal


“P project is an interactive performance based on several very important P words, which I need dramaturges for….preferably 20… good dancers and sex maniacs welcome…” (Ivo Dimchev)

Ivo Dimchev’s work is extreme, excessive, enticing. This month, the Brussels-based Bulgarian performer and choreographer comes to Frankfurt for the second time to show his interactive, experimental P project. The piece is based on words that begin with the letter P, such as piano, pussy, poetry, police, etc. Dimchev sits at a piano and offers members of the audience good cash for spontaneous stage appearances. The more money offered for an appearance, the higher the demands made to the skills of the volunteers and their ability to overcome their own shame and inhibitions. Dimchev’s work fundamentally questions the idea that inhibitions can be overcome by externally identifying oneself with someone or something. His work is concentrated inwards. He examines himself, stages himself with a fantastic power of imagination, multifaceted voice and ominous and impressive body language. His pieces are marked both by the tragedy of death as well as the humour of life.

Concept, Music: Ivo Dimchev * Performance: Ivo Dimchev and the audience * Software Development: Matteo Sisti Sette * Co-production: Impulstanz Vienna, Kaaitheater, Trouble festival / Les Halles, Hebbel am Ufer, Volksroom, Humarts Foundation, Frascati / Amsterdam * Supported by the Flemish Government (Brussels).

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