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“Dutch pianist Pieter de Graaf knows exactly how to play that
first note so that it causes goose bumps” (Enola Magazine).
Combining neoclassic and electro, multi-instrumentalist Pieter
de Graaf is often compared to music icons, such as Nils
Frahm, Keith Jarrett or Ludovico Einaudi. He creates his pieces
through improvisation, letting individual fragments form
into a finished piece through repeatedly recording, discarding
and rearranging them. On stage, Pieter de Graaf is a classic
one-man show. Not only does he play piano, but also builds
up his sound with a bass pedal, several MIDI keyboards and
a laptop for audio effects, loops and synthesizers. Each of his
live performances
is exceptional and offers a unique sound
spectrum. The main element of his current album “Fermata” is
catchy and entertaining jazz, with a main focus on piano.