(c) Ramin Mazur

Nicoleta Esinencu

Sinfonie des Fortschritts

Schauspiel Frankfurt Kammerspiele


In “Sinfonie des Fortschritts“, the audience are confronted by a spoken concert that uses cutting humour to debunk Western Europe’s self-assurance of being a democratic and progressive society.  Three Eastern European performers, equipped with drilling equipment, overalls, a mixing desk and microphones tell the stories of seasonal and itinerant workers – logically using the languages of Moldovan-Romanian and Russian. They are representative of the many invisible and marginalised people who, although their work is vital to the comfort zone of the West, are denied the opportunity to participate in it themselves. In anecdotes that quote the ubiquitous mantras of consumer society while being liberally sprinkled with sarcastic nuances, the extreme exclusivity and contradictory nature of the Western economic and social system is painfully brought to light.

In her production “Sinfonie des Fortschritts“, the Moldovan writer and director Nicoleta Esinencu has literally committed herself to doing all the hard work. By focussing on the routines of exploitation and colonisation that form the foundations of the Western economic system while being systematically omitted from its own depictions of itself, Esinencu highlights the global inequality that produces our prosperity and our way of life.

Age: 16+ / Suitable for school classes from grade 11
Languages: Moldavian Romanian, Russian and English with German and English surtitles.
Duration: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes