(c) Dani Pomar

“Unterscheidet euch!” is an interactive experiment or, to put it differently: a self-reflective instructional play about commonalities and differences, privileges, participation and classism. This theatrical party game begins with ascriptions and presuppositions being put before the assembled audience. This audience is made up of schoolchildren who are growing up in different areas with different lived experiences. Some of the ascriptions immediately prompt agreement, laughter, protest or shame and, after the problems with them have been suitably analysed, are replaced with harmless biographical questions and identity options that allow individuals to choose their own positions. These sociograms are particularly valuable sources of knowledge: individuals’ judgement and overall attitude are measured through live statistics. In addition to the results, they also highlight the process of decision-making. Finally, the format switches to a game of mental role play for which social status is reallocated by lots in order to reflect collectively on both visible and invisible distinctions. In this staged game, Turbo Pascal consistently operates in a self-critical manner, listens carefully to its (young) audience, amplifies their voice(s) and in doing so allows theatre to become an event that, for all its ambiguities, remains playful, humorous and full of variety.

Age: 10 to 13 years / Suitable for school classes 4th to 7th grade
Language: German
Duration: 75 minutes