Hannes Seidl


RECHT. Ökonomien des Handelns 2

Mousonturm Saal


Six lawyers and NGO employees met up to discuss, argue, dance and celebrate on an island in the Moselle located in the nether lands right on the doorstep of the city of Schengen in Luxembourg. Three decades after the first Schengen Agreement, they asked themselves how legislation could be used to enable justice worldwide? Their task: to create new, transnational legislation that meets the requirements of the national judiciaries and simultaneously takes into account the demands of a new, globalized society. This extraordinary meeting of scholars and experts was initiated in late summer 2014 by video artist and director Daniel Kötter and composer Hannes Seidl, who accompanied their guests continuously with both camera and microphone. Soloists of the Ensemble Nadar likewise attended the assembly of thinkers in the role of “ceremonial band” and acoustic confrontation. Now, on stage, experimental documentary film and live concert close ranks, double, duplicate, accompany and comment on one another, thus allowing us, the audience, to tangibly reflect on and experience the territorial implications of legislation and music in an interaction of all levels.

In English.

Idea, Direction, Composition, Film: Daniel Kötter, Hannes Seidl * Artistic Collaboration, Equipment Film, Stage: Rahel Kesselring * Production: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro * With: Ensemble Nadar: Marieke Berendsen, Violin;  Katrien Gaelens, Flute; Yves Goemaere, Perkussion; Pieter Matthynssens, Cello; Thomas Moore, Trombone; Dries Tack, Clarinet; Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Guitar; Wannes Gonnissen, Sound; Rebecca Diependaele, Management * Film Protagonists: Laura Adamietz, Rudy Doom, Yves Goemaere, Eva De Groeve, Felix Hanschmann, Wilma Lyon, Nora Markard, Pieter Matthynssens, Mattias Parent, Maximilian Pichl, Wolfram Sander, Grete Seidl, Fabian Steinhauer, Maarten Quanten * Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk, Marcin Poplawski, Hannes Seidl; Kamera: Karol Czyz, Daniel Kötter * A production by Kötter/Seidl * Coproduction: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm / Frankfurter Positionen, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent und MaerzMusik – Festival for contemporary music and the cluster of excellence „the formation of normative orders“ of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main * sponsored by the municipal culture office Frankfurt and the flemish government/ Belgium.

The Frankfurter Positionen are an initiative of BHF-BANK-Stiftung.

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