(c) Nada Žgank

“Sex Education II: Ability” is based on the stories of four women about their sexual coming-of-age, their relationship to their bodies, their sexuality and their relationships. What the four women have in common is that they live with a disability and are thus, as Elena Pečarič says in her essay “So beautiful, yet disabled,” faced with double discrimination – as persons with a disability and as women: “In such a stifling atmosphere, a woman with disability literally has to fight windmills to express her sexuality, femininity, well-being or satisfaction with her appearance, herself and her body. […] Why is it so difficult to understand and accept that a woman with disability can be happy with herself or her body as it is, to feel good, to feel beautiful, attractive or sexy.” With great sensitivity and humor, director Tjaša Črnigoj devotes her lecture-performance-series “Sex Education II” to often overlooked aspects of female sexuality and desire. “Ability” is the first part of this series to be shown in Germany.

Duration: 50 min.
Language: Slovenian, English

German premiere