testcard | Utopien (Mainz)

Lokal im Mousonturm, teilbestuhlt


After last month’s special edition, the Geheime Salon’s last event before the summer break is … another special edition. For 25 years now, the Ventil Verlag in Mainz has released the “Beiträge zur Popgeschichte” (“Contributions to Pop History”) in its “testcard” series, thus making it one of the last strongholds of emancipatory pop criticism. This year’s May issue is dedicated to the subject of utopia, its promises and its disappearance. The editors Laura Schwinger, Jana Sotzko and Jonas Engelmann will present the new issue with texts and sounds. After the reading, Jana Sotzko, who works not only as an author, but also as a musician in Berlin, will spin some utopian records in the usual Salon manner.