(c) Andrej Lamut

Bizarre, painful, hilarious: The OBIE-Award winning performance group Nature Theatre of Oklahoma (“Life and Times”) returns to Mousonturm with a kind of horror western-show and war comedy, taking on the American Dream and the bleak desert of its aspirational aftermath. According to the Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness is one of the three inalienable rights with which we are all imbued at birth. But what is happiness? In what dark and remote corners do we have to crawl individually and collectively to find it? Could it be the end of a Hollywood blockbuster? The piece was developed in a two-years-collaboration with six dancers of the highly acclaimed Slovenian dance company EnKnapGroup. It charges through a rough-and-tumble, endlessly morphing myth of the voraciously expanding Wild West, where whiskey pours, fists fly, and bullets ultimately settle the score.

ALL IN from the age of 15
Duration: 115 min.
Language: English with German surtitles
Concept, text, direction: Pavol Liska und Kelly Copper
From and with: Luke Thomas Dunne, Ida Hellsten, Bence Mezei, Ana Štefanec Knez, Jeffrey Schoenaers, Lada Petrovski Ternovšek