ArtEZ Creative Writing


Translating the City. The Night of Creative Writing

Mousonturm Saal

Performance/Tolle Künste/Concert/Reading

The transmedial performance Translating the City brings the city onto the stage. Whether it consumes its children or provincially plods along: the city is an enactment of our life. And it is place for and expression of far more than just those living in it. At times, it appears sleepy, taciturn and uptight, at others, raucous, chatty and uncontrollable. For Translating the City, 24 young artists, currently studying Creative Writing, Woordkunst and Interaction Design in Antwerp and Arnheim, joined forces. Together, they pursued a wide range of different means of expression straight across our languages and images and will now bring their texts and poems onto the stage in sound, video and performance sessions.

Dutch, German and English

By and with students of the Woordkunst Study Programm at the Koninkklijk Conservatory Antwerp and the Creative Writing and Interaction Design Study Programms at Artez Arnhem * Production: Literair Productiehuis Wintertuin, Arnhem/Nijmegen * Supported by Woordkunst, ArtEZ Creative Writing, ArtEZ Innovatiefonds, Flanders & Netherlands. Guest of Honour Frankfurt Book Fair 2016.

Dutch, German and English