Frankfurter Positionen 2015

Festival for New Works:

Excluded. Cracks between the Worlds

Enlightenment and democracy are still considered the foundations of a universalistic guiding principle of Western design, in spite of all growing doubts. For it is already more than debatable whether the values derived from it can still supply an effective basis to overcome the cracks between worlds or at least prevent them from drifting further apart. In its seveth edition, the Frankfurter Positionen, initiated by the BHF foundation, presents – in collaboration with a large network of cultural institutions – new creations by playwrights, performance collectives, visual artists, composers, choreographers and filmmakers. With the aim of revealing new perspectives and developing social imagination, they have formulated positions on the social change currently taking place and on the transformations that our environment and lives are experiencing.

The Frankfurter Positionen are an initiative of BHF-BANK-Stiftung.