(c) Eslam Elnebishy

This choreography asks more than one fundamental question about dance. The dancers investigate how dance itself can pose questions. By using the techniques of repetition, variation and rearrangement of movement, levels of meaning gradually overlap.
The audience is invited to go on its own journey of perception and interpretation. If we can ask questions of and through dance, the answers remain literally in motion. But what is left (unquestioned) at the end? How do our preconceptions, visual habits and patterns of movement condition how we perceive dance?

In the final piece for his Master’s degree in Choreography and Performance at the University of Gießen, the young choreographer Eslam Elnebishy looks back on his own dance practice and questions fundamental assumptions behind his own training. He does not question dance and choreography per se, but notes the (conscious and unconscious) decisions that shape dance as stage performance and characterise it in its particular context as art.

World Premiere