(c) Kritsch Supanyachotskul

Artur „ArtX“ Grabowski

Antanzen – Popping

Mousonturm Probebühne 3 (4.OG)


Popping, an exhilarating dance style, has its roots in the vibrant 1960s of California. During the heyday of funk music, the Oakland Boogaloo dance style emerged in African American neighborhoods, laying the foundation for today’s Popping. Even in its early phases, this style combined fluid and mechanical movements, extremely isolated, that paved the way for modern Popping. In a time when information was primarily exchanged in person, various variations and derivations of this dance arose, including Strutting, Electric Boogaloo, Popping, and others.

The breakthrough into popular culture occurred in the 1970s when Popping gained recognition through TV shows like “Soul Train.” From that moment, the dance style spread across the United States and won enthusiasts like the legendary Michael Jackson. Popping artists traveled the world as background dancers and choreographers to disseminate the culture and the dance.

Despite its long history, Popping has remained eternally youthful and has established itself as a global phenomenon. It has significantly influenced hip-hop culture and, despite numerous changes and trends, maintains its roots, which are based on fluid and isolated, muscle-contracting movements.

Participants can take part in both dates consecutively or on individual dates.