Giesche X Hermsdorf



Mousonturm Saal


Too much: too much material. Too much text, too many images, too much music. Exhausted we lean back only to finally realize that this information flood is impossible to come to terms with, not now, not ever. How can we still make decisions in an age in which the contexts keeps getting more complex and less manageable? How to differentiate? In their performance, Alexander-Maximilian Giesche and Lina Hermsdorf declare war on the constant overload of our senses. Where shall we put all the surplus material? We need to finally clean up the pleasure grounds of the superficial and confront isolation with attempts to communicate. Armed with all means available to art, the two performers risk all they have in a major rant, while the spectators feel their eyes and ears explode.

By and with Alexander-Maximilian Giesche, Lina Hermsdorf * Sound Design: Julian Hetzel * Lighting Design: Maika Knoblich * Dramaturgical Consultation: Aukje Verhoog. Co-production: Theatre Bremen. Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main and DasArts Amsterdam.