(c) Lucile Desamory, (c) Antonia Baehr, (c) Anja Weber

Antonia Baehr/Lucile Desamory


Die besondere Perücke

Mousonturm Saal


Update: Die Vorstellungen müssen leider ausfallen. Tickets werden über die jeweilig genutzte Vorverkaufsstelle rückerstattet. Mehr Infos dazu hier.

Performance artist and choreographer Antonia Baehr is a master of the subtle and a regular guest at Mousonturm. With a fine sense of humour, she shifts realities and directs our attention to what is hidden. As long-standing friends, Baehr and visual artist, musician and filmmaker Lucile Desamory share an interest in concealed systems of classification: five small stages, four live improvised songs, twenty-three Whatsapp messages, a few dreams of the theatre, nine mushrooms, a treasure of petals and at least two magic tricks. In their collaboration “The Extraordinary Wig”, the artists meander through stage elements they found in the scrapyard of the Opera House Leipzig and pursue the fascination of discarded objects, even some from their own past. They have painted – masks and portraits – and conducted conversations. They will wear some wigs and occasionally fluff their lines, always in search of the visible and invisible layers of the illusionary machine that is the theatre.

Duration: 70 min.
Language: German
On 24.4. artist talk afterwards