Mousonturm Studio 1


“Everything turns into a hole.” In her ‘Contra-sexual Manifesto’, Beatriz Preciado once described the deconstruction of gender and liberation from the phallus so that only the hole would remain. The nine performers of Macaquinhos (“little monkeys”) go even further: they present the anus as a bodily metaphor for the South: socially delegitimized and excluded, and subordinated to the normative North as a result of colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy.

No language skills required.

By and with: Andrez Lean Ghizze, Caio, Daniel Barra, Fernanda Vinhas, Iaci Kupalua, Luiz Gustavo, Mavi Veloso, Rafael Amanbahy, Teresa Moura Neves, Yang Dallas, Yuri Tripodi.

No language skills required.