(c) Luisa Hanika

Stephan Trüby/Philipp Krüpe


Rechte Räume in Frankfurt – Symposion

Mousonturm Saal bestuhlt


The rise of the extreme right in Germany and Europe has architectural-political implications in terms of a political and ideological appropriation of spaces. During this conference in the Saal of Mousonturm, Stefan Trüby, Philipp Krüpe and various other experts will discuss right-wing strategies of assimilating spaces. The evening will more closely examine the architectonic nationalism of European states such as Italy, Poland, Austria and Germany in form of a travelogue with visuals. Afterwards, they will discuss e.g. with Ole Frahm of the performance collective LIGNA, whose projects “Rapture and Rage. Studies on Authoritarian Character” and “Invasion from the Planet of the Apes“ dealt with Frankfurt’s cityscape, what needs to be done and how to do it from the perspectives of architecture, arts and theatre.

Greeting: Matthias Pees
Presentation: Stephan Trüby (IGmA) / Ole Frahm (LIGNA)
With: Wojciech Czaja, Ole Frahm (LIGNA), Verena Hartbaum, Tina Hartmann, Silke Hünecke, Philipp Krüpe, Zsuzsanna Stánitz und Anna Yeboah