Simon Mayer





Simon Mayer is a performance artist, musician, dancer at the Vienna State Opera House, as well as a graduate of PARTS – and an Austrian farm lad. For his dance solo, he cleared a glade to set up his sunbeng (a bench in the sun in front of the farm – in Upper Austria) using a whip and chainsaw to cut through the wild thicket of folk dance, traditions and spirituality. From this perch, Mayer sets out in search of artistic freedom, questioning a life led between the city and the countryside, between returning home and travelling abroad. In doing so, he develops a concept of folk dancing that effortlessly stretches from today to as far back as the age, in which naked fauns still roamed the woods, drunken with life.

No language skills required.

Mousonturm-coproduction * Performance, Choreografie, Music: Simon Mayer * Sound, Live-Loop: Pascal Holper * Light: Hannes Ruschbaschan * Production: Sophie Schmeiser * Artistic advice: Frans Poelstra * video: Johannes Gierlinger, Jan Zischka * With support of Land Oberösterreich, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel. Thanks to Kulturverein Spiel, Trachtenverein Altstädter Bauerngmoa, Goaßlschnalzer Munderfing, Pramtaler Volkstanzgruppe, Fam. Mayer, Christian Schmeiser and Josef Schild.