Stephan Stock


Theater der Peinlichkeit

Studio 1


Moments of embarrassment are moments of honesty. Weak moments, which don’t conform to what society expects of us. Yet aren’t we all strange individualists with strange predilections? And should we not, for this very reason, feel awkwardly connected to one another more often? What exactly is: shame? Stefan Stock ventures a self-experiment that exposes himself to us with an utterly shameful lack of restraint. His Theater der Peinlichkeit (Theater of Embarassment) wants to reach out and grab us – until we either retreat into laughter or turn away. It seeks out encounters with oneself and with others – searching for moments that reveal the beauty and honest joy of shame.

In German.

Mousonturm-coproduction * by and with: Stephan Stock * director of production: Miriam Walther Kohn * Live-cam: Jos Diegel * sponsored by the city of Zürich culture, by Migros Kulturprozent and Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung. Thanks to the Team of Gessnerallee, Linda Sepp, Anna-Sophie Fritz, Lina Hoppe, die neue Dringlichkeit, vorschlag:hammer und cobratheater.cobra.