Auf einem weißen Hintergrund ist ein Hase, der aus Interpunktionszeichen besteht.
(c) Caroline Creutzburg

Caroline Creutzburg


deep net fake hole dark rabbit

Mousonturm Saal/Bau


After months of being forced to retreat down the digital rabbit hole, “deep net fake hole dark rabbit” invites the audience to return to the theatre: The performance tackles the personal lo-fi archaeology of being online and deals with the Internet as a place of finding one’s way and missing out, of inclusion and exclusion. In a shadowy surfing setting, Caroline Creutzburg unleashes upon herself the endless expanses of the WWW that she encountered in a simple Google search and which lead her to the borderlands of meaninglessness. Reconstructing her own browser history, she searches for cracks to inscribe herself retrospectively into the biography of the web. Between user-generated internet culture and the Teflon capitalism of big tech, the piece struggles for a form of protest beyond dystopian mainstream platitudes.

Duration: ca 90 min
Language: The performance will be mostly in German. If desired English subtitles possible.
World premiere

Participation in the performance requires a smartphone with access to Telegram messenger. If you do not have access to this app, you can borrow a mobile phone at the venue. To do so, please register in advance by writing to: Please connect yourself to the Telegram channel before the start of the show. You will find the link on your ticket. And please remember to charge your battery beforehand!

Disclaimer: We would like to point out that the Telegram messenger service does not have end-to-end encryption. Your chats are therefore stored on external servers and can be accessed there. If you reinstall the app, we recommend that you deny access to your contacts when the corresponding window appears.

Admission starts 30 minutes and ends 10 minutes before the beginning of the show.

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