Mohrle – Eine Fabel

Mousonturm Saal


Mohrle is a tomcat capable of crying. Devotedly, he prepares his dead as a dormouse prey for its new existence in the dazzling world of global fame. In his role as an anthropomorphic tomcat clothed in fur, Hendrik Quast engages in techniques that serve to slow down natural decay as well as the general act of forgetting. Skilfully, he caterwauls his way through an entire theatrical register of musical songs, while occupied with the meticulous live preparation of a mouse – from skinning and stuffing to mounting. Shifting between creation and destruction, what is already dead becomes something again seemingly alive. An apparent reconstruction of cuteness based on furry examples.

In German

Mousonturm-coproduction * Concept, Text, Canto: Hendrik Quast * Dramaturgy, Light design: Maika Knoblich * Costumem,Mask: Christina Neuss * Coaching Canto: Dorothee Dalg * Assistant director: Philipp Urrutia.