(c) Institut des Croisements, (c) Arnaud Caravielhe, (c) Arkadi Zaides

Arkadi Zaides and his team are creating an archive of bodies that Europe has only allowed entry as corpses. They are working from a list compiled since 1993 by UNITED for Intercultural Action, a network of hundreds of anti-racist organisations. This list documents the deaths of refugees and migrants at the hands of the European border regime. Using partially documentary, partially investigative approaches and choreographic practices, Zaides and his team are developing a map. It stretches in all directions across space and time and tells the stories of those who inhabit “Necropolis”. And although there is no one left to dance in the city of the dead, it is precisely this no one that Arkadi Zaides wants to bring back to life. On stage, the team presents the results of its investigation, enriched by the latest research in Frankfurt. Zaides invites us to discover a ghostly territory, to question our own actions, our sense of responsibility and our role as citizens.

Age: from 18
Duration: 70 min.
Language: English, German
German Premiere

Note on sensory stimuli:
The piece begins in the dark with audio feed. The room is darkened most of the time. A moving digital map and videos and texts filmed with a cell phone camera are shown alternately on a large screen. The videos are accompanied by audio tracks with varying degrees of background noise, e.g. footsteps, birds chirping, construction work in the background. The beginning and end of the sound recording are sometimes offset in time to the video image. Once the soundtrack of a video and the spoken text overlap. In the second half of the evening, there are also 3D animations on the screen.