(c) Dieter Hartwig

The initiation to this political ritual, an innocent smile that mutates into a horrific grin. Two bodies, hypersensitive, travel through shaking, trembling and twitching. They are vulnerable and simultaneously explosive. The Bessie-award winning piece “Glory” by Berlin-based choreographer Jeremy Wade continues to be of rousing intensity now in it’s fourth adaptation. Physically unconditional, a naked duet in which Wade and dancer Sindri Runudde live through the brutality that norms exert on the body, to the entraining conceptions of space that Brendan Dougherty’s powerful music evokes. Two bodies offer themselves to a cyclic litany of polar opposites, embodying agony, ecstasy, arrogance and groveling that develops into a shimmering empowerment of non-belonging, in which the forces of shame, remorse, humiliation, intoxication, and submission are integrated via surrender. Grace is the balance of abandon and command this dance is a glorious queer dispossession ritual. A naked pilgrimage of oblivion into union.


No language skills required.
Duration: 50 min.