Gregor Praml trifft Bernie Hahn

Mousonturm Saal/Bau


The music house B. Hummel is a Frankfurt legend. In 1904, the store opened its doors in the Taunusstraße near the central train station. Even Elvis Presley once bought a guitar there. Now, the music store is called Cream Music and has found a new home in Sachsenhausen. He, who to this day proudly carries on this legacy, is Bernie Hahn. He is an institution in himself, not only because of the shop, but also because of his talent as a singer and presenter, which he has amply demonstrated since starting his first band at the age of 13. A (rock) “stage hog” if there ever was one. Like his hometown – about which he probably has a lot to say – his latest band project is called The Frankfurters. Gregor Praml meets Bernie Hahn to talk about his life behind the counter and on stage. Of course, there will also be a musical “Best of Bernie Hahn”.

Admission to the hall starts 45 min. and ends 10 minutes in advance. Please be on time.
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