Fabrice Mazliah


Through and With, an Act of Listening.

Mousonturm Probebühne 3 (4.OG)


In this Atelier, Fabrice Mazliah will share some of the fundamental principles for movement utilized during the creation of each of the Duets of “The Manufactured Series”. Each Duet is an intimate dialogue between two performers, a human and a non-human one, a person and an object. A tremendous amount of sensibility, availability and receptivity is required for this dialogue to unfold. The act of listening to and being guided by each other is crucial for generating movement between the two protagonists.

As a member of the Forsythe Company, Mazliah has studied a Japanese martial art called Hino Budo, developed by master Akira Hino, for about 10 years. Budo consists of techniques for connecting to, tuning in and acting through an opponent. By complicating the boundaries between “passivity” and “activity”, Budo offers the most adequate and relevant approach for the appearance of movement in “The Manufactured Series”, stimulating one’s ability to engage with an object and its attributes. During the workshop some of those exercises will be shared with the participants. The workshop is open to anybody.


Language: English
The number of participants in the workshop is limited by the corona protection measures.