NODE15 Forum for Digital Arts 2015

Wrapped in Code – The future of the informed body

Opening, April 27th, 6 p.m.

Opening speech will be given bei Prof. Dr. Felix Semmelroth

For the first time, the Mousonturm and the Naxoshalle are hosting the one week-long international festival for digital art and culture NODE15. This year’s contributions from the fields of design, art, culture and science are focusing on ways in which the human body is increasingly merging with digital machines. Technologies, which seemed utopian a few years ago – such as wearables or the “Internet of things” – have arrived in our everyday lives. The human body has become quantifiable, optimizable and, in spite of our potential discomfort about virtual realities and intelligent architectures, has already long become a direct joystick for the digital. So how do we want to shape and develop our future as cyborgs? In over 40 programming workshops, the Naxoshalle offers a practical forum during the day to experiment with digital technologies, as well as exchange skills and techniques. At the same time, lectures, concerts, performances and an exhibition will be taking place at Mousonturm focusing on NODE15’s leitmotif: the Künstlerhaus as a stage and discursive space for multiple blueprints of the future, of the networked body as well as of interpreting digital, interactive media.

Detailed programme: