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Lily Abichahine/Noor Abed & Mark Lotfy

(Beirut/Ramallah & Alexandria)

Double Bill: Exquisite Corpse / Yours Truly [work in progress]

Frankfurt LAB [Schmidtstraße 12 (Gallus)]


From different directions two lecture performances explore extreme collisions between the private and the political.

Lily Abichahine: Exquisite Corpse

Who decides on life after death? In ‘Exquisite Corpse’ the performer and lawyer Lily Abichahine tells the story of one Lebanese family: after the father’s death his son decides to have the body mummified to allow future generations to have contact with him. Is this a sign of affection or a liability? An almost irresolvable dispute develops between different members of the family which Abichahine describes from the perspective of the lawyer of the family. Entirely in keeping with the motto ‘the personal is political’, the microcosm of this family story provides interesting insights into Lebanese society. Where art meets the law different political and ethical approaches come into play, as does the question: on what temporal, spatial and emotional levels are the effects of the patriarchy felt?

Noor Abed & Mark Lotfy: Yours Truly [work in progress]

With their multimedia lecture-performance the artist Noor Abed and the film-maker Mark Lotfy share a first public reflection on their three-year research on the private U.S. military engagement in the Middle East. The project uses the example of a Palestinian working as a contractor in an American Private Military Company in Iraq, training the Iraqi Army on weapons to chart the effects of the war industry on the intimate lives of individuals. Thereby they reveal a web of consequences that leaves no sphere of life untouched. In a non-linear narrative, Abed and Lotfy unveil a backstage theatre of military operations, while exploring personal and political positions in a region that has become a stage for perpetual wars.

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Duration: 120 Min.
Language: English
World premieres
03.09. Artist Talk afterwards

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