audio descriptions + haptic access tours

We regularly offer “audio descriptions” and “haptic access tours” of selected performances to make them accessible to blind and partially sighted people. The tactile tour takes place around 60 minutes before the performance. The stage space is explored, and props and costumes are described. The performers introduce and describe themselves or will be introduced. The audio description will be transmitted over wireless receivers. This gives people who are blind or partially sighted access to the visual elements of a performance: movement, gestures, facial expressions, stage design, costumes, and props are described. You can bring your own Headphones with a mini jack plug or use the Headphones we provide with the receivers. Places for audio description are limited. Registration at or 01590 1847005

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Other contact options

Contact person: Lea Gockel
Phone, WhatsApp, Signal: + 49 (0) 1590 184 70 05
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 10-12 and 14-18 hrs.


Events with audio descriptions and haptic access tours