Sex, Money & Respect:Männlichkeit zwischen Gangsta- und Queerrap.Eine Hip Hop Konferenz 2017

The body is central to the representation of masculinity in rap and its image still displays strongly archaic features: an omnipotent body, emanating strength and dominance – the body of a man, who draws the line, defends his territory, joins the club, is successful in all his ventures, has women under control and for whom heterosexuality is the norm. These constructions of masculinity in rap take place within the context of a heterosexual mainstream society, which culturally, politically and economically legitimates its claim to power. This is why traditional middles-class constructions of masculinity overlap with those of rap. At the same time, more and more transgressive role models are emerging – even in rap – causing shifts and conflicts, which irritate and redefine roles. The conference “Sex, Money & Respect” takes these rifts in gangsta and queer rap as starting points to discuss the contradictions, constructions and demarcations of gender roles. Lively debates will stir up different concepts of gender, while concerts, dance choreographies and an exhibition round off the conference.

Curated by Murat Güngör and Markus Gardian * Presented by spex and Journal Frankfurt * Supported by Freunde & Förderer des Mousonturms e.V.